Liquid Light Brew Co 


Grace Copley, Co-Owner

Liv is an absolute pleasure to work with. We feel very privileged to have such a wonderfully talented designer on board with our brand.


Projects are always done promptly and before the deadline given. Liv is great at giving us feedback on our ideas and pushing us to think outside our comfort zone too.


All her work is always done to an impeccably high standard, and her passion and expertise is obvious in any project she takes on.


Liquid Light Brew Co was founded in late 2017 by power couple Grace Copley and Thom Stone.  

Combining their passion for beer and their love of music, Liquid Light quickly become frontrunners in Nottingham's thriving craft beer industry.

In 2019, they won the coveted Thirsty Games at Indy Man Beer Con.

Liquid Light had an established brand when they asked me to work with them, but the industry had moved quickly and their business had grown exponentially.

My first port of call was to elevate their designs and bring them in-line with Grace and Thom's vision for the future.


Now, it's about continuing that work to deliver a consistent, refined brand that helps puts their beers front and centre of the craft beer scene. 


Liv Rae Auckland