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Examples of my work


The Anxiety Toolkit

Published in Sunday Girl, Issue 07

Scientists believe that anxiety and intelligence have evolved together to give us the best chance of survival.

Both help us decide how to respond to the present, and how to prepare for the future and its possible outcomes. Those with high intelligence have a broader and deeper capacity to comprehend their surroundings, which can aid creative and intellectual endeavours.


The grey cloud to that silver lining, however, is having deep emotional responses (enter, tortured artists) and a hypersensitive nervous system. That means the smarter you are, the more you’re at risk of developing anxiety and other mental health problems. For women, we’re twice as likely to be affected by anxiety than men. That’s internationally.  [...] 

We Should Be Trailblazers

Published in Leftlion

Thankfully, this is now an industry where women (and many under-represented groups) are making waves, claiming their space, and demanding inclusivity.


It’s wonderful to have witnessed so much change in just a handful of years. Women now feature in trade articles, and national papers, and lead on social media debates. Women like Melissa Cole and Jaega Wise are setting sparks, just by making their voices heard. Jaega calls for things like meaningful statistics from SIBA (because without that, we can’t know the extent of the problem), marketing and advertising codes of practice, and for breweries to build diverse workforces. And those of us in the background can see the difference her words, and the words of other women, are making. [...]

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A.L. Kennedy

Published in Tongue

A.L. Kennedy gives the Keynote Speech at Nottingham's Festival of Words​

Renowned short-story writer, novelist, Guardian blogger, multi-award winner and stand-up comedian A.L. Kennedy sits before a lecture theatre of eager fans, writers and press. While Kennedy is introduced, she appears at ease, hearing her work complimented dotingly by a slightly quivering NTU lecturer. 


‘For some reason, I make people nervous,’ Kennedy says, pointing out the distribution of attendees, who have all avoided the front row. 


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Non-Drinkers can be Regular Pub Visitors 

Published in the Castle Rock Quarter

You see, this is what pubs are: hubs. A good public house is a home.

Great pubs sit at the heart of communities. Strangers build friendships in pubs. Pubs house communication and debate. People fall in love in pubs. The coffee is cheaper and just as good (if not better) than coffee from a chain, and pubs are generally quieter than Starbucks on a weekday afternoon. The Wi-Fi is just as free. The food is cooked by people with passion, who look after you by feeding you. If there’s music, it’s being selected for you by the bar staff, or being played live by a local musician. You can spend an hour drinking a glass of soda and nobody will hurry you [...]

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